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The peaceful atmosphere of a holy shrine is congenial for spiritual practice. Yogodyan, blessed
by the divine visit of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna in 1883, is just such a place. For over a century, it has been an inspiration for people who follow the principles enunciated by the Master in order to realize their spiritual ideas.

knr_gavThe story began when Sri Ramakrishna advised his devotee Sri Ramchandra Dutta to find a serene location suitable for sadhana (spiritual practice). After a long search, Ramchandra settled for this property, with its beautiful garden and pond.

The serenity and tranquility of the place moved Sri Ramakrishna to name it ‘Yogodyan’, which means garden of yoga.

Today, Yogodyan lies in the busy suburban area of Kankurgachi in Kolkata. It has become an important pilgrimage centre for devotees from across India and from overseas. It is a place where the spirit of Sri Ramakrishna is very much alive, his presence having made every inch of this place vibrant with divinity.