Vivekananda Balak Sangha

Vivekananda Balak Sangha, Ramakrishna Math, Yogodyan

     With a view to inculcating “man-making” , “character-building” ideas and ideals of all-round education as envisaged Swami Vivekananda. Here the boys have their study and coaching in the morning and in the evening in a congenial atmosphere under the supervision of quite a number of very able, dedicated teacher-volunteers.

    The students also participate in the multifarious activities of Yogodyan. In the process of association with the enlightened society here the student Self-Confidence is awakened. This, more than any thing else, equips them for establishing themselves in life as worthy citizens.

   Quite a number of the ex-students of the Balak Sangha are thus faring quite well in their respective life and works.


Milk Distribution

More than 100 children of local poor and needy families are fed milk everyday evening.